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"Has anyone told you a relationship needs timing?"

  • She:

    I wish all the women you know, are fat, ugly and old. When I am having my period, I can show my temper. It's only a few days every month. When I'm throwing my temper, and tells you to stay away, it's always a lie. You must come looking for me. Don't take it seriously when I'm throwing a temper. When I say it's wrong, it's right. When I say no, I mean yes. When I run away in a street, you must chase after me. I say I want to go on a diet. But I actually want to hear you say, "You are not fat. I like you the way you are." I am such an insecure person, because I love you too much.

  • He:

    Has anyone told you a relationship needs timing?. We got together at the wrong time, it won't work. You deserve someone better. I am sure you can find someone you love, who loves you the same back. But I am not so lucky, I am not the one. You should give freedom to the one you love. Not trying to control. We should give each other more freedom, because we love each other.

  • We won't split up. Because good friends never split up.

The fact that you are miles and miles away from me now, makes me miss you more..and more.. Knowing that you won’t be able to drive your car anymore, whenever we want to see each other makes me long for you even more :( 24 hours have just passed, and all I can do is wait for you to come back :(( We both don’t know when will you be coming back </3 after days?weeks?months?a year?

Just fulfill your promise babe, because all we ever wanted is your safety. The country needs a hero like you, but we need you more. You may call this selfishness, but please….come back home breathing.

burn, 12-01-2013

Wrecking Ball

  • Me:

    "Siguro, para talaga kay Liam yung kanta ni Miley na to. too emotional"

  • Clyde:


  • Me:

    "...I never hit so hard in love..All I wanted was to break your walls..All you ever did was break me.." ♫

  • Clyde:

    "Kahit ako nman si Liam, ganun din ggwin ko. Yung pagT-Twerk niya?? Tsaka, kung para man kay Liam yung kantang yan, at kng ako si Liam, sasabihin ko---"In your ass."

  • Me:

    "Grabe ka nmn... Siguro nasakal lang si Miley kay Liam, kasi diba nga conservative masyado family ni Liam.?"

  • Clyde:

    "Anong grabe dun..


  • Me:

    "HAHAHA SIYEMPRE!! Babae kami ehh. HAHAHA"

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